Another Korean Drama posting! Heheh sorry if you’re bored of all this, but I simply can’t get enough of these. I’ve just finished watching this drama over the last 2 weeks….and while I think that it’s quite a good movie as well, nothing beats Full House. That has got to be the best K-drama ever…’s refreshingly new.

So, this drama, My Lovely Sam Soom, is essentially the ‘Bridget Jones’ of Korea! So, imagine your typical 30 yr old single woman, desperate to find love and get married kinda movie. But somehow, if you’re asking me to compare the english bridget jones and this one, I would say that there’s more depth to this rather than the english version. Well, at least the lead actress isn’t always sleeping around in this movie and she tend to speak her mind a lot! Well, that’s what makes it funny….hahha and oddly, there’s a contract marriage involved in this drama, similar to Full House.

Imagine getting dumped by your bf on Christmas Eve, AND going into the men’s room to cry your eyes out, ONLY to be discovered by a hunky guy in your tear-stained mascarra face!! Bwahahahhaa

Aahhh….there’s always an eye candy (or two)!!!

And this, is the ultimate eye candy of this drama! Actor Daniel Henney, who’s a Brit-Korean American citizen, and speaks not a word of Korean in this drama (or in real life). Nothing but the full, perfect American ENglish. Now, here’s someone drool-worthy! :p

And this PIG, after being featured in the movie, was selling like hotcakes after that! SIghz….welcome to the world of commercialization, folks! It’s cute tho….in a rather annoying way. It’s a cute, annoying stuffed pig!! Mwahahahahh.

Btw, i noticed something about all the K-dramas……they (koreans) don’t seem to wash their clothes with washing machines, but more by soaking their clothes in a wooden basin and stepping all over the basin full of clothes with their feet to mix the clothes thoroughly in the soap water! Hrmm…..i wonder if it’s really like that in real life. Shoulda asked my classmate back in uni….hehehe. Oh, and they still prefer to pull the grass in their gardens by hand rather than using a lawnmower! :p