So, yet another invitation to an annual dinner. Right, to cut a long story short….I’ve been actually been assigned to help out with some work at my company’s sister division, coz since both companies will be merging next year….so yeah, the employees at both sides help each other out. Don’t worry if you don’t get what I’m ranting about…..too confusing and non-sensical at the moment!!

Anyway…I’ve been working late nights over here since last week. AND, the sister co. is having their annual dinner this Friday….and yours truly has been invited to join in the fun! Uh-Oh…..another late night partying! Ahhh….and this time, the theme is WHITE!!! I mean, I know it’s all about reborn-ing and stuffs because of the merge next year…..but WHITE?!!! That’s a sick person’s colour ok…..and white is so not in this season!!! Hrmphh….i don’t care…i’m gonna wear the dress that I got for Christmas….which is a black and white korean-style dinner party dress!!

Right, and I’ve noticed a pattern here. Advertising people = work hard (late hours) + play hard!! Hrmm….no wonder ppl were saying that most of the young ones enter the industry coz of the glam lifestyle. Rightttt……glam?!! NAHHHHHHH