If you know me well enough, you’d know that any movie with horror elements like throat slashing and deep fanged vampires are a big NO-NO for me! Yeah, I’m a big scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies….heck I even get nightmares from watching them.

So anyway, with all the hype with Twilight coupled with reviews I’ve read online and recommendations from friends…I’d decided to go catch it at the movies about 2 weekends ago. Oh, I knew it wasn’t an extreme vampire movie..and that it was sorta a forbidden dark love story….and managed to pull the bf along by telling him “hey, let’s go watch Twilight….it’s a vampire story”. He looked at me funny and said “you….watch a vampire movie? Why?”….so I said sheepishly “coz there’re cute guys in it?” hahah ok, well, that’s partly true (Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner – they’re eternally yummy!). Hrmm think he didn’t suspect anything by then, just replied with a “oh, then i hope all horror movies in the future would have cute guys, so we could watch it together!”.

Verdict? I totally loved it (and not only for the drool-worth guys who looked like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine spread and uber nice cars!)… fact, loved it so much that I can’t stop asking questions after the movie….yeah I was like “why did he become a vampire in the first place and how?”….much to the annoyance to the bf who replied “you clearly weren’t paying attention to the movie….your eyes were fixed on that vampire guy!”. Hey, not true….i pick things up slow…and in case you forget, I need to watch movies about twice (or more) to get the gist of it! So….I went to buy the entire book series – got it all except Eclipse which is sold out in all bookstores in Singapore! Well, since am only halfway through Twilight, that should give me some time before I get to Eclipse….as it’ll be restocked after the New year. So far, I still find the movie’s storyline more….engaging….and exciting? The book’s a bit long-winded…but I guess it isn’t fair to compare the book to the movie.

Now, when is the DVD coming out again? 🙂