Due to the fact that I had to come in to work last saturday, noon time for a short meeting – I’d decided to go for a Pump class on Friday night (coz you see, I usually go for this class on Saturday morning). Anyway, this whole experience of going for a night exercise class….I think it’s like having a jet lag or something to that extent. There I was feeling motivated and all about exercising, yet even before the class started – I actually felt tired and sleepy! Gosh, a really terrible feeling and a great struggle to get on with the class!

Now, when and why or how did this happen? I mean, it’s not that I’ve never gone for night Pump classes before….heck, just last year I used to go for these, sometimes twice a week! Yeah, true that I haven’t been doing night classes throughout this year (blame the work schedule!). Oh well, I just find this strangely odd.

I hope this isn’t an early sign of aging…hrmmm not quite there yet, I’m sure….hahahh!

Anyway, got a question to whoever that’s reading this somewhat non-existent blog….ladies especially:

You know how most of us have dreamt of the perfect wedding day or something like that….you know ones with church weddings, frilly luxurious wedding dresses (think Vera Wang) and shimmery accessories, shoes….the perfect cake….and for being chinese…the dreaded wedding dinner where the guests enjoy themselves more than us?

Well, what if in reality….erm certain circumstances doesn’t seem quite so favourable to make all of these happen….and somehow you’re down to the arrangement of just having a simply buffet-type luncheon instead, in the comforts of your home? Is that such a bad thing or is this called creative thinking-out-of-the-box and trying to be different from everyone else – breaking all norms and traditions? Hey, at least there’s now more money for the honeymoon and a new home purchase right? hahah

Ok…time to spill!