Now, don’t get me wrong….I love receiving presents and buying presents for others when it comes to this Yuletide season. But, of late….I seem to notice something…weird? Not sure if it’s a good thing…

You see, the thing with the Boy and I is that….I guess we eat in the thrill of giving each other presents and looking at the somewhat bemused look on the other’s face when the parcel’s been ripped off. Interesting choices there too….esp during the start of this relationship (the weird stuffed duckie i had my eye on and a DKNY watch way back in Brissie….the Calvin Klein belt that he wanted so much etc etc). Well, fast forward to now….after being together close to 5 years…it seems like…I’m running outta idea on what to give him! Gah….he’s got everything he wants anyway….hahah.

So, this year I’d thought I’ll give something practical….after all, it makes more sense rite…what with the global financial crisis and so on. So, got a drinking bottle (the one that’s apparently safe to use for both cold and hot water….can’t remember what it’s called) for him so he can discard his god forsaken icky plastic bottle! And, probably will get us a foldable umbrella from Muji (hey, it’s not any ordinary foldable umbrella….it opens and close at a click of a button okay….unlike conventional ones that require you to pull and yank open). Retailing at $30 each….should last us quite a while.

Anyway, just thought I’d rant this one out for now 🙂