Sorry for the delay…heheh. Work has been extremely overwhelming and I’ve been bugged with the flu+sorethroat+fever again! Arghh….when will I stop getting sick?! This is the 3rd time already this year…

Anyways….after the traumatising cable car ride, we went off to feed some rabbits!! I love rabbits….

They’re so cutee….i felt so tempted to steal some back to KL! Hahhaha

This is me feeding them rabbit food. Oh, the stupid thing was…they placed the rabbits together with the deers! And those stupid deers kept coming after me for the rabbit food….arghhhh so i had to give most of it to the deers coz they look so huge and scary!!!

Ahh….cute cute cute!!

This black little guy is here Terence’s friend…..hahahha he posed for the camera!! It’s funny how the mommy rabbits r so protective over their babies….coz when we tried to pet them, the moms will chase us away by hopping towards us until we’re far away from her babies. hrmmmm

After getting fed up of trying to pet the baby rabbits, we went down to the Rhu Beach again…..


Then, it was time for my pedicure!!!!

It was my first time getting it done *shy*

But it was like heaven!!!!

Ahh…that’s nicer!

All the stuffs that were used….

Ignore my fugly legs…..but the mozzies were always trying to attack me, and so the scars!

Time to dry!!

I love my pink nails…..


There was a live band playing at the place we had dinner that night…..

My enjoying my beer, which wasn’t bitter, thankfully! No food pics this time…coz they all look the same….hahahha

Haha then it was back to KL the next day……back to all the busy traffic jams and congested trains!!!!

We took Air Asia’s skybus back to KL Central……

I think the bus seats were even more spacious compared to their planes!!! Hahhahaha


Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed all the pics as much as i enjoyed being away from work for a while!! Have a great long weekend if you’re in Malaysia!!