And so, I had the joy (?) of working late nights over the past few days…..heheh so i guess that makes me a real (?) copywriter now? Anyway, I’ve been assigned a telco job which is quite huge and things have been crazy coz everyone is chasing to meet the launch date of the website. And no, Clive, I won’t exchange details with you coz I don’t want to get fired. Pls do not tempt me with food either….especially not Japanese food, because the culprit always gives me food poisoning!! Aahh….i can’t take jap food in Malaysia….darn! Stupid QC! %^#^*&&#@!

Ohh, the company year end party went well… i did not feel sleepy, but still went home reasonably early coz I still had to work the next day. But still managed to down a couple of drinks tho…tee hee heee. I love the food at Modestos…, this is what I call authentic Italian food….not some Halal stuff. Bring out the salamis any day!!! But the games that they played were crazy tho…..urm, i won’t go through the details but let’s just say that a few of the guys had their pants off and one of them was flashing his bright orange underwear and trying very hard to hide his errr….package! Bwahahahahhaha

 I’ll be back for Christmas next week… saturday, to be precise. And *gasp* I have not started Christmas shopping yet. Yeah…I’ve been quite the procastinator lately. I blame…urmmm work and life? heheh

 Things to look forward to:

  • Xmas Eve dinner with the family (i requested for western coz i’m kinda sick of asian food. What can I say? I miss my steaks and chips).
  • Xmas day Mass and urmm visiting?
  • Church dinner on 30th with the family (I dunno how fun this is gonna get….but who cares? I get to dress up and wear pretty dresses! hahah)
  • I think Clive told me something about a party on the 31st or somewhere along time line. Eh, Uncle remind me again…..forgot what you told me. Was it a street party or smth?