A Sprinkle of Thoughts

Moments of magic and midless ramblings


Your typical 25-year old Malaysian, whose heart is really still in Aussie land after living there for a good 3 years. Aspiring writer, movie lover (chick flicks, really) who appreciate theatre, music, art and books as well. Finds solace in gym workouts and jacuzzis, as it’s the only thing that helps me release stress of work and life!

Why ‘A Sprinkle of Thoughts’? Well, it used to be my header of my previous blog on Xanga…and what I blog in here are mostly my thoughts and rambles of life and all sorts!


One thought on “About

  1. WOW a totally brand new blog again.~ Gosh y u have so many different types of blog ~ 😛 Hmm this blog looks nicer then the previos ones ya~ the picture quality looks crips and sharp~ maybe this is the reason u change yor blog 😛

    So what u going to update in the “high Class” blog girl~ a totally new life of working in different environment (MNC compnay) hehe~

    Anyway, Looks i have to get started to read what u type and peek what pic u had post~ 😛 Btw don’t work out too much or u might stress yourself and try to rest more~

    Nevertheless, hope u enjoy your new job and improve your public relantion skill in the near future~ 🙂 God Bless U~ Take care and Darling alwiz luv u ~ cheers~

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