I’ve been checking out an ex-colleague’s Band, Two Sides To A Story. And I think it’s not bad at all….amazingly, he’s got a pretty good voice as the group’s vocalist! Hahah well, not that he sounds bad at other times…just didn’t expect it. Totally loved this song:

Pretty good stuff on the lyrics too….which he wrote by himself. Ahh missed working with you, EJ! Esp brainstorming for crazy love-triangle ideas for The Client’s comic strip….and you sneakily taking a peek at what I’m doing on my comp….with my monitor in full view in front of you! hahahah what else could I be doing apart from writing endless Copy, if not blog surfing or Super Poking on Facebook!!

Take care now….hope you’ll have a blast on the Krabi Tour with the band! 🙂

Taken on Valentine's Day this year, my last day at the office