Hello!! Welcome to my first ever post for the year 2008! LOL

 Yeah, it’s been very busy for me since my last entry….been going back n forth to Singapore to attend job interviews and looking for a place to stay….and now, I’m finally here in Sgpore. Just started my new job last week….very tiring, but I think it’s better than my previous job! Oh well, i’m always on the lookout for new and better opportunities….hope it comes my way! Hey, life’s too short to be stucked on something that you know you’d eventually leave right?

Other than that, I’m LOVING my new life here. Erm, I guess it’s the sense of freedom that I haven’t have in a long time….precisely since I left Aussie land. Food’s great and cheap, shopping’s great (tho im saving that for later when i’ve received my pay) and ppl’s great too. Hrmmm I guess in some ways im feeling more relax and at ease now than when I was in KL. But still, I miss my ex-colleagues like MAD! They’ve been my family at work for the past 1 yr+ that I was there, and my boss is the coolest ‘mama’ ever! Sad to be leaving them, but then again….everyone else is leaving the company for greener pastures as well. Oh well, they’ll always be sweet memories right? Thanks so much for making such a big deal outta my farewell….and for all the gifts – it’s the best ever!!!

Ok, obviously I won’t be updating as often anymore…work keep me pretty busy throughout the day…til i have to force myself to get outta there! Will come back here to update as and when I feel like it, aight? In the meantime….for any updates…check my Facebook account…hahahha.

Toodles….and have a great week ahead!