Heyy….nice seeing me updating again?! HAhaha i know, I guess some of you are sick and tired on F5-ing this page…only to be dissapointed with my efforts. Ah well, was just busy with work and life, i guess…up to a point that I’m just about to breakdown with it all. So yeah, what better theraphy or shrink to see than my good ol’ blog. And besides….Christmas is coming…that’s another reason to be happy, right?!

Anyway…i dunno about the rest of you….but I’m totally excited to be back to boring ol’ Kuching this Christmas! Well, with family and good friends around….doesn’t seem so boring anymore. Can’t wait to cook up the Christmas storm with my mom…and do lunch/tea this sunday with the bestie and her precious baby girl. Darn, she must b so big by now already….not the cuddly-sized baby that I held in my arms 6 months ago. Oh well, just hope that she can still fit into the dress I got her then….hehehe.

So yeah, in the days to come…I guess I’ll be checking my New year resolutions checklist and making new ones for the coming new year. Boo….I’m working 0n NYE this year! This really sucks! Arghh….hopefully next year will be a better one. Dear God, please give me a job in Singapore so that I can start a brand new life for the brand new year!!!

Oh well, I guess January/February 2008 is gonna whizz by like the breeze. Everything’s happening so close to each other….there’s the other bestie’s wedding in JB end of Jan…..and company trip few days later…whee Club Med here I come! And a few days later, I’ll be back for CNY….again! Geez, time really flies when you’re having fun, huh?! Ah well, as long as it’s a happy thing….I’m not complaining!

Well, in case I don’t make it back here in time…..just gonna start wishing everyone super early this year:

Have lotsa fun during the hols!

Will try to post up some pics, if i’m not too lazy….hehehhe