OH NO!! Just realized that on top of having dark eye bags under my peepers…..there’s fine wrinkles as well! Ermm….well, it’s not too bad really….but if you look closely, especially when i smile….there r wrinkles!! Nooooooo!!! How can this be happening?! I’m not even 30 for heavens sake! Arghhhhh…..I’ve always thought that I’ve young-looking skin. Now what?!

Bleks….guess I’ve gotta scour around for eye creams now. And here I was, a week ago, sniggering at the bestie who’s started using eye creams and even tried out SKII!! *wails* Darn….must b all those late nights and all! I hate thee!!! Don’t you ever try to invade me, you stupid wrinkles…you $%^&*()#@

Anyway……I know, totally useless and no brainer post, this is. Just need an outlet to scream and cry! Apart from that, I’m pretty happy that the weekend is here….and still in the search of the perfect job across  the causeway. Hrmm…is there such a thing as a perfect job? Maybe I should lower my expectations a lil……*shrugs*

 Have a great weekend all!