The long weekend in Singapore was absolutely fab! Geez, i went there without the intention of spending much….hahah but then if you leave me alone in a huge shopping mall like Suntec City or Bishan Junction 8….the crazy shopaholic in me emerges! Ahh….the clothes there r so much nicer…and so is the food…and eye candies!! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the clubbing scene…..absolutely fab! Went to watch this live show….and my my my….the guys r extra yummy. South Africans fron Johannesburg…. .Sumwan pls gimme a job there so i can move over!! (i’m serious, btw)

 Hrmm….after all the fun and excitement, this weekend was a rather mellow one hanging out with the girlies. Oh no….and I shopped summore! Gotta learn to control this before it goes outta hand…but the bargains were really good. Mmm…and we had shabu-shabu steamboat for dinner, which was very yummy and healthy. Met up with a friend from Pri. school which all of us have not seen in donkey years! Good to catch up with long lost friends, eh.

So, after all the excitement…it’s back to work now. Hrmm…hopefully this will be a better week….for me and everyone else!

Til then….toodles! 🙂