Uh-oh….this is getting really bad. I’ve actually abandoned my blog for like yonks! Sigh….what can I say? Work has been crazy…actually more than crazy….up till the extent that I almost went crazy and had a breakdown. Geez….how much longer of this can I take?!

 Thank God I could still chill out over the past weekend…..went for drinks at this pub at Bangsar called The Social. Had a cocktail called ‘Nightmare’, which was the ultimate strongest! It was a mixture of red wine, gin, vodka, beer, cranberry juice….and i forgot what else. Oh, and tis’ the season for the police to rip off money from us citizens coz Hari Raya (their new year or smth like that) is this coming weekend. So, blackmail time! Shall not go on further coz then I’ll b fuming….arghhh!

Anyway….am going to Singapore yet again….for the coming long weekend from this Fri til next Mon. Yayy….shopping…drinking…catching up with friends and what-not else!

 Til then….be good…and enjoy the hols!