Opps…didn’t know that my bithday entry got updated..coz the page kept showing an error message. But the connection is still sucky….arghhh!

Anyway…i need an outlet to ramble…so forgive me if this entry is a lil long winded. Bet some of you are wondering what’s with my dissapearing act? Haha i wished it was because my social life has made the turn for the better….but too bad, it’s my work life’s that’s keeping me busy….too busy if you ask me. Since the start of August I’ve been bogged down with a crazy amount of work…til the extent that i feel that my brain’s churning and spinning every Mon-Fri….9-6 ish…..and sometimes during the weekends too! Arhghhh…and it’s really starting to frustrate me a lot now, coz not only do I feel mentally exhausted, but I feel drained out of good ideas to write – in other words: DRY!

I guess the coming Malaysia Day has got something to do with this! Everyone wants to get their stuffs out b4 the big 31st August….pfftt! Plus, besides my usual office work, I’ve gotten myself a side freelance job too (yeah, it’s like as if I don have enough work to keep me busy right?). But hear me first….i actually took this freelance job BEFORE things got this crazy….and truth to be told, I’d rather work on this compared to my office work – at least there’s substance here and my work’s more appreciated. Oh, if you’re wondering what is it…..i’m doing the copywriting for a new cosmetics brand that will be out in the Malaysian market next month and they r planning to launch it in the overseas market sometime later too! Sorry…can’t reveal the name just yet….but let’s just say that they concept is very much like Stila’s and Benefit’s. So yeah…my kinda thing! heheh 🙂 Oh yeah, and it pays really well too…..adding on to my savings for the big plan :p

Anyway….sometimes i feel that the clients at work r trying to make us look stupid or smth by asking us to come up with a creative name for their products….and here we (or rather, I) go in circles give them hundreds of names from various possible angles….only for them to revert back the week after – get this, WITH THEIR OWN STUPID NAME which doesn’t have an ounce of creativity in it! Ahhhh i mean WTH?!! So, i guess that’s what been making me tired…so heheh I kinda pulled in an energency leave today to let the gray cells rest (believe me, other ppl at work has been taking leave since the past week too – it’s pure tiredness, i tell ya!). Hrmm….bottomline is….not sure how long I can stand being put under this telco account (it’s ultimate WW3 between the telco companies in msia….everyone is driving their advertising to the max, and hence we get tortured…hehhe).

Yups…so that’s why it’s possible for me to be here now….blogging and updating this abandoned blog! Hahahahah after having my weekend sucked off from me.

Ahh….hope everyone had a great one…..and have a great week ahead!