Arghh…as usual I didn’t get to update coz I was far too busy with work. And this time it’s way beyond serious coz never have I felt so tired after coming back from the office before! It’s like I’ve been mentally drained or something…and well, 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough time to get all the things done. Oh well…..anyway, I had a rather nice birthday celebration this year. Terence was away on an overnight work trip on the day itself, so he made that up with dinner at Jack’s place plus cake and coffee at Starbucks the weekend before and a Korean BBQ dinner the day after my bday when he returned. Heheh yummss! Oh, and I had a lil’ surprise at the office too….everyone was busy gathering at the pantry with my cake + candles…while some of em’ were trying to stall my attention, making sure that I do not pass by the pantry and that I sit down at my desk. Apparently, when they saw that the coast was clear….they all started walking from the pantry towards the table while singing the birthday song with my cake in tow. Ahh…that’s the sweetest birthday surprise ever…..haven’t had that in years! Oh, and i got a pretty chic handbag from MNG from all of them also….hahah and I almost went out to buy a bag myself. Oh well….great minds think alike! And, I had dinner with a close girlfriend of mine after work….and I kinda made her wait for me for an hour coz I was being held up at work! heheh yeah, and during which she did a lil shopping spree at Zara. Ahh…the joys of working in an office building that’s within the shopping mall.

Hrmm….enough ramblings for now. ENjoy the foodie pics!

 Jack’s Place…..yeah again!


My yummy lobster bisque soup!


——–To be continued—————-

(Sorry…..internet connection’s being very sucky right now, and it’s taking forever to upload 1 picture!! Will put the rest up tomorrow or something, when it behaves itself!)