Geez, I’m one big fat slacker when it comes to blogging these days! Hrm….it’s not really the case as in I don’t have anything to blog about. Just that after sitting in front of the PC the whole day typing, the last thing I’d want to be doing when I get home is…..essentially sitting down in front of the PC typing…again! Oh, and my monitor at work’s smaller than the one at home, so the layout of wordpress tends to get screwed up. Dang…if only I could drag my big LCD monitor to the office….and that my CPU isn’t as slow as an aging tortoise! Yeah right!

So…what have I been up to?

  • Watched Transformers last week. The effects were uber-cool…too bad I was kinda sleepy when I watched it. Finished way past midnite. Damn….me not equal to late night excursions!
  • Hehe went pigging out at a few places yet again. Don’t worry….i burn off all the calories at the gym on weekdays.
  • Might be planning a major long term project (err…not work related) this coming Sept. Hrmm…I think I’d wait a lil while longer before spilling the beans here. Won’t want to get the hopes too high. But, let’s just say it involves taking an IELTS test! I’ll let your imaginations run wild, yeah!
  • Helping the bestie in her wedding arrangements. Btw Me = maid of honour! Ekks….is that good or bad? Hehe just kidding, Am actually honored to be given this task! ANd this makes me realise how complicated weddings can be, especially chinese ones. Dang, I want a western wedding in the future! Ok fine…plus the chinese tea ceremony out of respect. *nudges related parties*

What am I thinking about now?

  • I’m itching to change my hairstyle. I’ve been keeping long hair since like forever! Ok, maybe not forever….but the last time I had shoulder length hair was like 3 years + ago, when I just got to know Terence and we just started going out a lil while later. Hrmm….and after that was long hair all the way. Well, the ‘bob’ hair-do is the IN thing now…and a few of my workmates are spotting that look right now.

I seriously love love love this hairstyle….but don’t know if it suits me! One thing’s for sure, I’ll look super young. So, what do you think? Yes? No? NO WAY? ANything?!

  • Am due to see my gynae on Monday. Been spotting quite frequently these past few months, and worst was the latest one last week. Ultra sound revealed that I might be having cysts in my uterus, but the image is kinda fuzzy. GP referred me to a gynae for expert advice. Ah, hope it’s nothing serious! Btw, just jotting this down here as a reminder to myself.

Rightey-o! That’s all for now….be safe and enjoy the weekend, guys!