Finally got my photo upload thingy to work….grrrr! Anyways, some pics from my short trip back to Kuching last weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday….hehehe managed to squeeze in some time to drop by the bestie’s place to see her baby. Hrmm…she looked really good…didn’t really put on that much of weight as far as I can see. Ahh…lucky her! Anyways….here are some pics of Baby Rachael!


Hehehe I love to watch babies sleeping. And this is one big smiley baby! Don’t know if she was half sleeping or fully asleep….but when i went over to touch her cheek, this lil bundle of joy suddenly gave me a big grin and a laugh….hahahhah damn cutee!!! I love baby girls!!


Wahahah she loves me! But she started crying not long after this, after seeing her mom and grandma’s face…..hehehhe.


The dress that I bought for her…..hehhe.


Some random food pics from my dad’s birthday dinner/lunch! Yeah, it was a major pigging out session while i was back….hehhehe. Can’t live without good ol’ Kuching food!


Cod fish & braised claypot tofu (i think!).


Fern (?)…or whatever it’s called in english, and venison meat!


The cod fish was soo sooo good….hehehhe yeah, i’m picky when it comes to eating fish!


Nestum prawns…..mmmmm. Very unhealthy yet so yummy!



The next day we had lunch at this restaurant called, The Banquet which is owned by my neighbour.


Nice interior eh? Looks expensive, but the bill turned out to be pretty ok. they’ve got lots of iteresting dishes also….something that you’ll not find in any other chinese restaurants around in Kuching. Oh, and if you feel like having western…they have a western section right opposite this chinese restaurant. Hrmm…complicated to explain….but you’ll have to go there youserlf to find out the arrangements. Urmm….it’s at this third exchange place in kch. Err…don’t ask me how to get there coz im clueless….hahahha.



Think this is mushroom noodles with crab meat or smth like that….hehehe was too hungry so only remembered to take picture of it when it was almost gone! 


Prawns with almond + wasabi salad dressing


Tempura vege coated with salted egg yolk.


Beef with special sauce… yummy, coz there’s a lot of beef tendon, which i love!


Assam fish…..hahahha God knows how log I have been craving for this!


Crispy chicken with spicy sauce


And this mango sago dessert was on the house…..compliments from my neighbour who happened to be around at that time also. Hehhehe

Oh, and after the lunch….i took some pics of the outside as well!


Wash area outside the toilet



That’s the western section that I was talking about.




The signage outside…..very cool eh?

Will upload the rest of the foodie pics later…..heheh so sorry if anyone here’s reading this on an empty stomach!!

Have a great weekend, y’all!