Bwahahah yeah, I have not disappeared off the face of the universe or smth! Just been quite busy at work as usual…and it’s either that by the time I come back it’s way after midnight (so yeah, bedtime!) or that by the time I come back I’m dead tired from typing powerful (yeah right) copy in front of the comp at work the whole day….the last thing I want is to tire myself with a whole long blog entry.

But but…..I wanted to blog about all my food pics last weekend….i really did. And stupid WordPress photo upload didn’t wanna work, and spoiled my whole plan! Arrghhh….but don’t worry. I’ll try to make it work soon….hehhe lotsa pics I’ve got there, btw.

Well, I’ll make this a short one this time….coz am at work at the moment. Ahh…how nice if I was at home now instead. Hrmm….speaking of which, I’ll be back in Kuching for this weekend to celebrate my dad’s 61st Birthday. Yayy more food!

Have a good one everyone! 🙂