Spent the weekend going to Ipoh and Penang with Terence and his rellies. As usual, food was great…..but coz the weather was so darn hot, couldn’t get to enjoy much of it. Oh, and traffic going into Penang Island from the bridge was a total biatch!! OMG, I think even snails move faster than that. No wonder there’ve been issues of building a second bridge, and incorporating a LRT system within the island. My verdict: go for it….anything to stop all that crazy jam!! And I thought that the jam in KL was bad enough….bad is an understatement compared to Penang.

But, it was a nice and refreshing change of scenery tho. Penang resembles lotsa places. Certain parts of it reminds me of Singapore, and the rest looks similar to KL and Kuching as well. Oh, I probably feel more at home there coz of the dialect spoken and the prices of food is lots cheaper also….almost like Kuching!

And, Terence has a relative who lives in a 3 storey house! OMG, so huge ok? I think I’ll go crazy if i had to clean a house that big….and I pity the maid. Probably need 2 maids: 1 to clean the whole freaking house, and another to do the cooking/looking after kids. A few of the neighbouring houses had like 4-5 storeys as well! OMG, need house that big for what? Unless they’ve got big families or extended families living with them….but I seriously can’t imagine that kinda living arrangement. Geez, some ppl r just too well-off!

Anyway, will post the few pics taken a bit later on coz they’re still in the camera….heheh. Have a great week, ya guys! It’s school holidays now….and the malls will be flocked with kids….grrrr. No, i don’t really hate kids…just can’t stand them the moment they start screaming and going bonkers.