Have you watched the last few episodes of Desperate Housewives? The one where trek guide called Susan a drama junkie, coz she’s always looking at spicing up her life with some sorta drama. Hrmm, that got me thinking….am I a drama junkie as well?

I mean, obviously not in the love/relationship department…..I’d prefer stability in that rather than the OC drama style. But, somehow i tend to get restless with my life and work. Take for example now: I’ve more or less gotten used to my job and life routine…..but yet, a part of me is craving for some excitement in life! I desperately want a change in environment, I don’t want to repeat the same ol’ routine every single day and week. Better yet, I want to be in a different country (and yeah, Singapore counts as well tho it’s so close by)! Arghh…i’ve no idea what has gotten into me. Maybe I’m too used to a change of environment over the last couple of years…..like how i first started uni in Toowoomba, then a year later shifted down to Brissie….and somehow from there, I didn’t really complain about adding more spice coz everyday was always so colourful and busy for me!!

Ahh…what to do…what to do. I’d tell myself that I’ll only start to make plans next year and see where it goes from there. But somehow I just can’t seem to hold still, and it’s very annoying! Sheesh….

Oh well…what would you do if you were me? Is this rational or way out of line? Or, is this purely an act of a drama junkie…..hahahh

Oh God, I think I’m going mad…..