Oh dear, it’s getting a lil quiet in here again. I’m getting worst at this whole updating the blog thingy! I blame it on work….yet again. Yeah, had to come back over the weekend (read: both Saturday AND Sunday) to rush for the changes and material deadlines. Well, at least things are more organised now….as in we don’t have to wait ourselves silly the whole freaking day for nothing. We’d only get called in after the client’s confirmation and yadi yada yada. Even the client themselves made an effort to come over to the office to speed things up….which is a first!!

Anyway, enough about work. Guess what?! I finally managed to fitΒ  into my skinny jeans…woohoo!! Yeah, I actually bought it from Market City in Sydney about 1.5 years ago and because I didn’t try it on beforehand, silly me bought the wrong size and took for granted that the cuttings are all the same. And anyway, it was going for quite a reasonable price….$99 for 2 pairs of Calvin Klein jeans or somewhere along the line! Haha yups, so that’s that.

Darn…i wished work didn’t keep me away from all my weekend! Damnit….wanna catch a movie in the cinema also no time….arghhh. Feel like giving Sumolah a go, since I’ve been doing quite a bit of the promotional thingies here at work. And, to get a taste of the local film industry here……heard that some of the scenes were shot all the way in Japan too.

Ok…guess i better get back to work now. Sheeshh…can you believe it that it took me about 4 freaking hours just to finish typing this entry? This sounds so wrong…..

Have a great week ahead!!