Yayyy i finally watched Spiderman 3 last Saturday!!! Well, I thought it was quite nice…altho some ppl complained that the story was draggy. And the Goblin guy was kinda cute….hahahha. Anyway, enough about that. After that we had dinner at Italiannies……so ermm….foodie post coming up! ;P

I like the setting inside there….it’s rather cosy!

We were actually served a plate of complimentary bread with herbed olive oil and balsamic vinegar as the dip. But, this was gone in a matter of minutes as we were too hungry. Hehe so sorry, so photo of it here.

Omg omg…..the classic carbonara pasta was truly orgasmic!!!

And the beef lasagne was quite nice as well…altho i find it a tad too dry. Maybe this was made on purpose so that the base will be crunchy!

Oh, we also had creamy mushroom soup….but it was too good that I wolfed it down without even taking a shot of it. Heheheh can’t help it….I love mushrooms, especially the fresh ones which cost a bomb over here. Ahh….i miss eating fresh mushrooms!! Those canned ones suck BIG TIME!!!!

Sighz…..as usual, playing with his gadgets again!! Guysss!!!!


Oh oh….this is like way overdue, but this website that I was working on for the past few months at work is finally up! *Go here*
And, while you’re there….go download the cool screensaver and widget as well alritey? Hrmm…..i can’t believe i’m doing this even when im not working!! This is like free advertising mannnn *ponders*

I have the TVC files with me as well…..will upload it another day so that all you peeps who r not in Malaysia can have  a look at it.


Thought(s) of the day:

  • Before, I used to think that there’s like so many chicks here in Malaysia with straight rebonded hair and me doing that will make me look just like one of them – too common! But now…..everyone’s either having permed or rebonded hair! SO how now?!!! Mannnnnn
  • Found a long lost friend in Friendster over the weekend, or rather they found me. Hehe it’s always nice to be in touch all over again.
  • The bestie has given birth to a beautiful baby girl…..I can’t wait to see her lil’ bundle of joy when I go back next month!
  • Rules for the Australian PR application will be changed *yet again* on Sept 1st. Ahhh…..why why why is it always like this?!! Hrmm…..Someone up there isn’t really communicating in the same wave length as me……*wails*
  • I love shopping and pampering myself……darn, do I sound a tad too bimbotic now?! It’s hard to believe that once upon a teenage time, I was a weird tomboyish girl!!!