Lunch at Rasa Restaurant

Nasi Lemak….the specialty of this restaurant. Literally translated to english, it’s “fat rice”….but really it means coconut rice, served with chili squids, hard boiled egg, cucumber and peanuts. But here, they added papadums and satay to it. The rice is not as coconuty as the ones found in Thai restaurants in aussie tho. That is like super creamy and im not a big fan of coconut.

Duble Trouble ice-cream sundae. Mmm….nice!


Cable car time!!

Lining up to go in….

The suspension/hanging bridge

The air was so so nice n fresh!!!

No idea what this teddy bear was doing halfway up so high!

This view was at 705 metres above sea level

This family has such pretty little girls!!! They’re mixed chinese (mom) & german (dad)…and the girls looks very much western but speaks mandarin really well!! But i wonder if their dad understands anything tho

Right….I’m gonna try at this whole uploading videos thingy. You are not allowed to laugh at my embarassing expressions coz i was terrified!!

I’ll post up the last batch within the next few days. Work has been really crazy lately, and I don’t even have time to go through my emails anymore! Hahah

Hope everyone had a greaat weekend!