So, anyway….we stayed at the Langkasuka Beach Resort, which is like a 4 star hotel. Hrmm….but I find the room so-so only. Seems more 3 star rather than 4. But still, it was nice…and we didn’t spend much time in the room anyways, coz we’re always out exploring the whole island.

This was part of our western buffet breakfast….it was quite ok, i guess but nothing to shout about, really.

Yumm…..i love eggs and capsicum!!

And this is a very sleepy looking me….who was literally dragged out of bed to come down for breakfast!!

First stop of the day was the Langkawi Geopark….where the cable car and rabbit feeding were at. But since we got there quite early, at about 10am… was still misty and the sky looked as if it was about to rain so the cable car couldn’t move yet. We were told to come back later around lunch time when the weather condition’s bound to be better.

See how high the cables are and how misty the area was?

Me with a pond full of water lillies…….


Langkawi Eagle Square

Where eagles are larger than life!! Hahha

The Langkawi Legend….and this is the whole map of the island! We’ve covered most of it….probably about 70-80%?


Bird Paradise

Urm….i’m not usually a bird person. I’m terrified of birds and anything that ahs feathers on it. Don’t ask me why….but I just seem to have this phobia! But, since we’ve got time to kill and Terence wanted to have a look….so the bird paradise it was.

Thank God there were other non-feather animals as well! Like this squirrel, i think…


Can’t remember what this was……flying fox? Hrmmmm

Ahh….look, it’s a wallaby!!

For some reason or another, there were pearls in there as well!

Urmm…is this a stork who deliver babies to us? hahahhah

Cute rabbits!!!

These ostriches looked damn scary…like they were born for racing or smth!!

Come come…..time to learn some chinese for all the bananas like me!!

Hrmm…..i’m totally lost here man!


Right….so i have to get back to my work now, am actually blogging this in the office. Stay tuned for part 3, and there might be some videos this time!