I’m back from my short little holiday!!! Ah, altho it was nice being away for a while to a quiet place, far far away from all the noise, pollution and stupid KL traffic jams…..I guess it’s also nice to be back again. But, I also miss all the pampering sessions and the luxury and living in a hotel room! Bwahahahha yeah, I can be a spoilt princess when I want to. Oh, and food there’s not bad…but the seafood still can’t beat Kuching yet. The prawns r so tiny ok…..and not that cheap also. And and….it made me and Terence have diarrhoea after eating. Hrmm….either our tummies r not used to the food there or the food’s not clean there. But still, you’d never know without trying eh?! Even the western tourists were eating all the local food instead of going for western food, but I guess it’s normal coz we would be doing the same thing as well if we were to travel in a foreign place.

Anyways….enough ramblings….enjoy the pics!!

Inside AirAsia’s plane…..blardy flight got delayed by 3 freaking hours!!!! Argh, but we can’t complain much….coz the flight was FREE, and we only had to pay for the airport tax.

Bye bye KL………..


Hello Langkawi!! The Tax-free heaven where chocolates and alcohol are cheapp and tax free!!! Wheeeee

And we’re landing!!!

First stop: Tanjung Rhu Beach (urmm….what’s tanjung in english again?)

Apparently this is called ‘The Pregnant Maiden’……coz it looks like a pregnant woman lying down. I know there’s some history thingy to this, I learnt abt it in high school….but I just can’t remember what. Haha proves that studying history is a waste of time!!!

The Nissan Sentra we rented for 3 days 2 nights for only RM160 (About A$60). We wanted a small car since there’s only the 2 of us….but since our flight got delayed and by the time we reached the airport in Langkawi it was about 3pm+….all the small cars has been taken.

Oh, I needed to pee very badly after the beach coz I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I suspect it’s that stupid pizza that I ate earlier after checking in the hostel….arghhh made me so thirsty! ANyway…..the nearest hotel to the beach was the Four Seasons and after driving through….I didn’t dare to go down to use the toilets! It’s so exclusive and quiet….there were guards everywhere!! And I couldn’t possible tell them that I wanted to use their toilets!!

I guess this is where the celebs all go and hide….

On the way to dinner at Coco Beach, we saw a cow grazing by the road side! Hahhahaha


Warning: Sorry if you’re feeling hungry or anything…but there’ll be pictures of food ahead!! Haha


Here’s what we had for our seafood dinner:

Vege & Soft Shell Crab

Egg tofu & Hot plate black pepper squid


Here’s the all the alco that we bought. All damn cheap ok….Absolut Vodka and Malibu for RM45 each….and the cruisers only about RM3.90 or smth like that per bottle. Smae goes for VB. But, we drank up all the cruisers and VB before leaving coz each person’s only allowed to carry back 1 bottle of liquor from the Island. Not so sure about foreign tourists tho.

And here’s the rest of the stash!! Yummy chocs….

Part 2 updates tomorrow….or I’ll be killing everyone’s bandwidth!! Stay tuned…..