Happy Easter everyone!! Hrmm…seems like it’s been quite a while since my last update, or is my mind playing tricks on me again?! Well, anyway it’s been quite a busy week at work (haha quite, but not super busy yet). Had to go for 2 TVC recordings last week (oh, for those who r wondering, TVC = TV commercial). Urmm, the first one was actually my job but since I haven’t been to any recordings yet, my colleague told me that she’ll be there to guide me as to how things should be done (guiding the talents on the tone and manner of the voiceovers etc etc), and the second one was her job, but she’s busy that day and couldn’t attend. So, she asked me to help her out and go do it all on my own (hahah that was fast!). Was kinda worried at first, coz my work at the office was piling higher and higher, lots of things to be done….but then i thought, ah just go for it and tell the rest that I won’t be around. It’s either they give me the work before i leave for the recording or just get one of the other writers to help out for it while I’m gone. Oh, and this second recording, a TVC for Oreo, the talent was a 14-year old kid. Hrmm, then it got me thinking, “My gosh, kids nowadays r involved into this whole media thingy at such a young age. If only I had that chance when I was young….I don’t think I’ll be choosing my pathway as a writer!! I’ll be the one who’ll be doing voiceovers and stuffs like that instead – it’ll be so fun!!!”

Ah, anwyay….enough about work already! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. This is one of the times that I wished I was back in my hometown instead….coz it’s a public holiday in Sarawak on Good Friday!!! Ahhh…why can’t they make it uniform and apply this for the whole of Malaysia since Sabah and Sarawak are doing this (and I think even Singapore gets a public holiday too right?). *grumble* *censored* *grunble*

But, fret not…..I don’t know if this was by chance….but it never occurred to me when I applied for my leave to go on holiday in Langkawi that it’ll be the week after Easter!! Soo, yayyy….only 2 days of work the coming week, and 3 days of island relaxation!! Can’t wait…..no more work to think about and get stressed about. And no more silly requests from clients!!! Woo hooo!!!

Have a great week ahead!!!!