We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary on Thursday, 29th April with dinner after work. Gosh, has it been that long….we sure are getting ancient already!! Ahh…anyway, not  too much rambling this time. Coz the food at TGIF is simply yummy…..well, actually I think it’s beyond yummy (i just cant find another better word to describe it that will do it justice)! I think I might just go there now for any special occassions instead of Chili’s now. Oh, and don’t think I’d want their annoying birthday song performance tho.

Ahh….the french onion soup was glorious!!! Very cheesy too….maybe a bit too cheesy for my liking, but that’s ok coz someone will have the rest of the cheese anyways hahahha.

See how cheesy it is…..

Baby enjoying his cheese….and mine!

My Jack Daniel’s glazed ribs……very nice, but the portion a bit too much for me. Or maybe coz I’ve been eating for the whole of that day! We had a surprise birthday lunch for my boss at the office, and lots of yummy indian food was catered for. Ahh…think my tummy can’t stand too spicy stuffs….but it was still nice tho. Oh, and coz she was so touched and happy, she treated us with Haagen Daaz ice cream for tea time…..yummmm!! No pics tho…..coz they were gone in a matter of minutes!! Hahhaha

Terence’s Jack Daniel’s steak with shrimps. This one’s nicer….think I’m gonna have this one instead next time.

Ahh….there i go again!

Oh, I’m home alone for the weekend….that is, until tomorrow. So, I get to use Terence’s car to go anywhere i want. Hrmm….not sure if it’s a good thing or not….can’t stand driving in KL!! Hopefully there won’t be that many cars around……