We had a sorta early birthday celebration for Terence’s sis last Sunday……and so it was buffet brunch at West Lake Garden restaurant at Sunway Resort Hotel. Aahhh…the food was out of this world, but I think pictures would do more justice than words here.

This was some herbal soup dim sum thingy….which contains only the best ingredients in it. So, what was in it? Hrmm….there were shark fins, abalone….and i forgot what else. What I can recall is that it was yummy!

Assortments of dim sum…..

Yam puffs

Lo Mai Kai……which is a sticky glutinous rice dish served with chicken pieces, chinese mushrooms and pieces of crepes in this case. My fav….but lots of carbs here tho.

Oh, I’m enjoying my food alrite……

Oh, look…..there’s a dick-like coral outside the restaurant! Hahahhahahah yeah, i know my hair looks horrible in here. But after the brunch, I went for a haircut and now it looks gorgeous and healthy again. Will take pics of it later…


Baby went to Malacca for business trip…..and managed to take some yummy food piccies to make me drool all over.

Aahhhh…..chicken rice balls!! I want to eat!!! Oh, this is Malacca’s specialty dish, by the way…..which I have not tried yet.

So, are you hungry yet? 🙂