The past weekend has been quite an interesting one. For one, I gambled for the first time in my life….yeah, I know CNY is over…but baby’s aunty wanted to gamble and insisted that we joined in. So, both me and Terence started with RM14 (we played individually but he helped me along the way….and we combined our capital, i.e. money), and ended up with RM51 after the game! Woohooo…..i’m lucky!

Anyway….we decided to do some pampering to our faces….so Neutrogena facial masks it was.


Heheh he’s so gonna kill me for putting this up.


Baby’s aunty decided to make a trip to Pulau Ketam, some island nearby KL. Apparently it’s famous for its seafood, and cheaper as well. Hrmm….I thought it was ok, but the place was rather dirty, very much like our Pangkor Island trip last year. This is something I don’t get. This year’s suppossed to be Visit Malaysia Year 2007, whereby tourists from all over the world are encouraged and attracted to visit the various states in Malaysia. Yet, the tourism minister or whoever that’s in charge does not put enough effort or monitor close enough to make sure that these little places are clean or at least presentable. How to make a good impression like that, I ask you?! If not for the seafood, I don’t think anyone’ll even wanna go there. So yeah, for me that’s it….no more hopping into tiny islands like these. Altho, I’l be going to Langkawi next month as well…..but I think it’s a lot cleaner there with it being a duty-free heaven!

The boat we took to go to the island. That lady in black with the loud hailer was suppossedly our ‘tour guide’. Turned out, she ripped us off our money coz there is no guided tour and no boat to go back to Port Klang. Sheesh man….some people just don’t have any conscience, do they. Lucky for us, there was still 1 boat left (the last one) that goes back to Port Klang! I don’t wanna be stranded there man…..scary shit!

I think this is the first time my Gucci sunnies is exposed to the Malaysian sun!! Hahah somehow I don’t find the sun rays here as bright and glaring as the Aussie sun.


We had dinner at a chinese restaurant at Klang. I think it’s called V Garden Restaurant or something like that. The food was nice and yummy….too bad we forgotten all about taking foodie pics….too hungry!!! But here’s 1 we managed to remember.

Heheh that chef sculpture in the middle is just way too cute!!! Think it’s made of carrot or sweet potato or something along that line.


Small Talk:

My bridesmaid duties has started!! I’m suppossed to look for someone to read my friend’s marriage vows. Well, it’s a little complicated, you see. She and her hubby has actually already registered their marriage with the civil law. What’s gonna take place in Jan next year is the actual wedding ceremony, you know where you tell the whole family and whole world that you’re married already. There’s gonna be a garden wedding (God, I hope it won’t be hot that day), and she wants someone to read her vows. She’s a free-thinker, but she’s thinking of getting a pastor to read it. Hrmm….anyone know of any pastor in Batu Pahat that we can get in contact with? Leave me a comment if you do, ok? Thanks!