I’m halfway through my new Sophie Kinsella book, and am enjoying it to the max! Once again, I’m reminded of how blonde and bimbotic Becky Bloomwood can be….and she’s really a hardcore shopaholic. I mean, you would have thought that shopping for baby stuffs would include the essentials like milk bottles, sterilizer, breast pump etc…..but not for her man! SHe’s all about pretty baby clothes and even her baby stroller has got to be a designer one – a Lulu Guiness stroller, to be exact. Haha but no matter how silly she seems to be and how we would like to knock her to her senses, I guess all that stupidity is what makes her charming after all. They really should make a movie out of it….it’ll be an instant hit!


We had a CNY dinner among all the colleagues in the office last week at the Mont’ Kiara Equestrian Club. Ahhh….yummy food! Didn’t take much photos of the food tho….too hungry!

Happy people for the night…..sorry, photo kinda squished but the original’s kinda HUGE! Heheh

Yaaammm sengggggggggg! Which means ‘Cheers’ in chinese….something which is always done during chinese wedding dinners and such.

Desserts for the night…..erm, some chinese pancakes and jelly and some cooling dessert thingy. Haha the table is messy as hell after tossing the yee sang