Since the last entry:

  • I’ve flown back from Kuching to KL. Thank God the flight was good. Not only did it leave 15 mins earlier, it arrived 25 mins ahead of time as well. Hrmm….all flights should be like this.
  • Did i mention that for the 1 week that I was back, I was happily feasting on Sarawak Laksa everyday since the shops start opening again after their CNY break? Yupss, it’s that good and I miss it that much…..and it beats any other laksa in the universe!!LMAO
  • Am loving em’ snacks that my aunt brought back from Sydney. Aaahh….why can’t Aussie snacks be more easily available here in  Malaysia and not cost a bomb?!
  • Find it so hard to say goodbye and leave home again, altho I’ll be back again in June just for the weekend to celebrate my dad’s 61st Birthday. Yeah, a bit of a rush but how often does your dad turn 61? Eekkss, gotta start looking for presents. Need some help here: Besides Royal Selangor, is there any other pewter outlets worth looking at? Preferable not too pricey as well hehhe. Thanks!
  • Gone back to work…which seems a bit of a drag coz I’m still on holiday mode. What? CNY lasts for 15 days yo!
  • Bought Sophie Kinsella’s ‘Shopaholic & Baby’…..FINALLY!! Wheee!! Hard cover some more ok? And if you buy it from MPH and present your IC to them, you get 15& off….good deal.

Yups…so that’s about it. Oh, littleblackbook is having a sale this month….so Yayy!! Oh drag, got dinner tomorrow night and no idea what to wear.


Thought of the day: Come 29th of this month, Me and Terence would have been dating for 3 years now. Time really flies!!! The there’s no more OC!!!!! But I thought it was quite a nice ending.