Happy CNY everyone!!! Am back in Kuching now….being stuffed with food to the max on a daily basis. Think I’m kinda sick of food as of now….and probably will miss it once I go back to KL this Sat. So, hope everyone’s enjoying their CNY so far…..collecting ang paus (enjoy it while you still can), eating yummy food and gambling.

Oh, and here’s a reminder for myself : never fly back to Kch on the eve of CNY itself….EVER!!! OMG the flight was so sucky I’m surprised I survived that! Well, everything was going ok at first….no delay for the take-off or anything like that. And for once, I’m flying with MAS, which means I get to enjoy the glorious duty free shopping at KLIA before my flight….wheee!! Anyway, when we reached Kuching it was raining cats and dogs, so the plane could not rain due to the bad weather. So, guess what…..we were hovering in the air for a whole HOUR…..while waiting for the rain to stop! Well, it won’t be that bad if the ride was not bumpy……bumpy as hell….and the other ppl around me were starting to puke out their dinner one by one….and ewwwwwwwwwww so smelly, can!!!! Call me a bimbo or whatever you want…..but I cannot for the life of me stand the smell of puke or shit or whatever that has been inside ppl’s body and comes out again after that….heck, i don’t even look at my own shit ok. Urghh…..I thought i was gonna puke myself with all that stench….but luckily the plane managed to land just in time. Yeah, good thing too coz i notice there wasn’t a vomit bag in front of my seat…..yikes!!

So, i made it home for the CNY reunion dinner with my family……hehhe poor mom has to put her cooking on hold and wait for the OK sign from my dad, telling her that my plane’s landed. But it’s all good now…..and let’s hope my flight back this saturday will not be delayed any further…..they just retimed it from 7.30pm to 10.45 pm. Sighzz

All the yummy food we had that night

Us tossing the yee sang (i don’t know what you call this, some CNY dish). Sorry for the blurry pic….hehhe dad took this pic.

Me camwhoring in the car……i was bored, ok….hehheh


Small talk:

Thank God I wasn’t bombarded too much with “So, when are you getting married” questions this time round….pheww. But I think it’s gonna come around with time…..yikes!!

One of my aunt asked me if I would like to wear her wedding dress on *my* wedding day (she doesn’t have any daughters, only 2 boys), and I told her I’d love to. And well, what d’ya know…..the dress fits me perfectly, as if it was tailor made to fit my body. Right…as long as i don’t gain anymore weight from now on! Hehe still, I think that’s pretty sweet of her….and that dress still looks pretty new and trendy, and it’s a tube dress. I love tube dresses!!!