SOrry for being extremely late, but HAPPY belated Valentine’s Day!!!! This year was different….but nice one anyway. We decided to beat the crowd and avoided getting ripped off on the actual day, so we had our pre V-day dinner the day before at Marche’s @ The Curve. Oohh….it was yummy, but i reckon the one in Singapore’s better (coz they have bacon, which we can’t have here for obvious reasons – more pics on that in the next entry). And silly me got down with the flu the next day…….arghh i hate getting sick every few weeks!! Too many germs around here in the office, that’s why. But, still a lovely surprise came in a form of a single rose and a little teddy bear (again, more pics later). Aahh….that’s my baby…surprising me out of the blue and good thing for him i was sick coz i usually try to dig out his surprises and blow his cover. Mwahahahhaha

Ohh…ohhh, and I’ll be back home tomorrow for a week to celebrate CNY!! Oh man, i hope I’ll get well soon…..i want to eat all the yummy food and mandarin oranges!!! Argh it sucks getting sick….i wonder if there’s a shot/jab that i can take to avoid me getting infected with all these flu/sorethroat/cough bug for a least a few months?! *whines*


Random thought:
There might (or might not) be a chance for baby (and me) to go over to Brissie (or anywhere in Aussie) to work and live. While I would have been estatic about this a few months ago….now I’m not so sure that I still wanna go back. I mean, I still love Aussie to pieces til can die dot com…..but on the other hand, I’m also loving my work at the moment and ppl i work with to pieces (not yet can die dot com). Well, at least here I’m a somebody….while if I were to give up everything, I’d be a nobody there and start from scratch. Awww mann!