Wheee….i went shopping last Friday after work. And well, as long as there’s shopping and clothes involved, I’m happy! Bwahahahha God, that must sound so bimbotic.

I love little.black.book!! Not too expensive, and the clothes are nice with plenty of variety. Here’s what I got from there…..

I love my new earrings, by the way. Think I’m falling into the dangly earrings trend now….hehhehe. But still, I’m kinda lazy to change earrings on a daily basis. Urghhh! Yayy…I got all those clothes and accessories for only RM150….cheap cheap….happy happy! *Dances around the room* Ok, i’m starting to go psycho now….


Zouk on Saturday night

So, it was a girl’s night out on Saturday –  no hubbies or bfs allowed! So, me and my friends….we all decided to go to Zouk and check out the clubbing scene, and to feed ourself with some youthful activities. Which, apparently failed! First thing was…..the music was like kinda lame. I mean it was still okla….just not that happening, or maybe it didn’t suit our taste. Second thing, we can’t seem to dance to the music as energetically as we used to (darn!)….and we were sleepy at about 1AM. But, good thing was…..it was a free entry thingy, coz they were having some credit card launch party that night, so free entrance for the first 400 ppl! Oohh…lots of foreigners there as well that night……and dancers dressed as spiderman. Wahhahahahah

Me, Lisa, Lillie & Emily at Terrace Bar having dinner before hitting the club. The food was yucky tho…..that was the first time having soggy fish & chips.

Me & Emily…..who’s going back to Kuching for good. Nooo…..come back here!! You’ll miss all the shopping and going for your gym here i tell ya. Kuching don’t have fitness first, so surely you’ll miss it. Hahahhaha yeala, got Clark Hatch la.

Oh, and can you still believe it…..that i still get asked for my ID to enter Zouk? I mean, the ppl in front of us didn’t have to show it…..and I had to show mine TWICE!!! Once to the first bouncer guy…..then again to the bouncer who’s gonna chop our hands with the UV chop. Hrmm…..I’ll take the first one as a compliment….but 2nd one? Way too much man….but definately not an insult. Bwahahahhahaha sighz, I guess some things just never changed. I got asked for ID when I enter the casino in Sydney as well *shrugs*


Mu Current Wishlist:

Yayy…..Sophie Kinsella’s latest Shopaholic book is out!!! I’m so gonna get it……sooon….can’t wait!! But it’s Rm69.90……and I can’t wait till next year for it to be cheaper and get it……so I guess I’ll just get it when it comes out in a couple of weeks time (or is it already on the shelves now). Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

So, how was your weekend?