My workmate thinks this calls for a celebration, coz they broke my record and made me stay past midnite, doing overtime in the office last Thurs nite till fri morning. VERY early in the morning actually….more like 630 am, when other normal people are just starting a brand new day. Hrrmm…..yes yes it was tiring and my left eye was getting redder by the hour. Clients were being picky, so we all had to face the consequences. So, while waiting for them to sort out their fussiness in the office, I (and we)

  • Had dinner
  • Walked around a bit around the mall
  • Came back to the office
  • Surfed the Net
  • Played games
  • Watched American Idol on TV (Yes, we have Astro here in the office!!)
  • Played more games
  • Slept

Did all these till about 4am-ish, when we did the final checkings….and were done at about 630 am. So, when i got home at about 7am, i was officially dead to the world till about 645pm!! Yes, since we stayed till so ‘early’ in the morning, we didn’t have to go back to the office, unless there’s anything urgent that needs our attention.


So, i discovered the joys of playing Yahoo! games while i was trying to kill time in the office… was really addictive that i dloaded it into my comp when i got home and played it over the weekend.

So, anyways I was rushing and fumbling while baking 2 layer cakes in Cake Mania, and trying to be fast while serving grumpuy & fussy old ladies. Oh, Dinner Dash was kinda fun too….and I got to know how tedious it was to look after newborn babies in Carrie the Caregiver. I think I must’ve sent about 2 babies to the ICU coz i left them hungry…teeheehee. Told baby about it and now he’s starting to get worried that I’d do the same thing with a life, newborn baby next time. I’m not that careless ok…..there is a difference between playing games and dealing with real life!


Oh, i finally went to Little.Black.Book to look for some CNY clothes, and maybe spruce up my closet a little. Argh, problem is there’s just too many choices…I can’t seem to make up my mind. Nvm….i’ll go again next week…..and hopefully I’ll find something I like this time! Japanese style dresses and baby dresses are so in now…….but wearing a baby dress makes me look preggers!!