So, the sore throat developed to a flu over the weekend when I had to come back to the office to rush something up for the client. By Monday, sore throat + Flu gone… comes Mr. Dry Cough. Fled straight to the doctor (i hate being sick, especially when I know i’m bound to work late nights), who gave me one of the strongest cough medication, ever. Was suppossed to work late on Tuesday night, but a workmate told me she’ll cover for me, since I’ve done her bit on Monday night. So, home I went…and took the cough medicine and plonked straight to bed…..dead to the world….for a whole 10 hours!!!

And you know what…..that blardy cough medicine still had its effect on me the next day (the whole day!). Yeah, I was literally sleeping on my feet, trying my hardest to stay awake and alert. The only thing on my mind was to go home and crawl back in bed. But NO….another late night for me. Oh, I survived it….but I swear, I nearly died!!

Hrmm….it’s been quite a while since I’ve felt that ‘drunk’ and intoxicated. Well, the last time i felt that way….was after i ‘cleverly’ tried to invent my version of Tequila Pop, by mixing Pure Tequila with Blue Vodka Cruiser. Hrmm…..1 Pure alcoholic liquor + 1 half alcoholic cruiser = makes me go tipsy. Definately not a good combo!

Aahhh….didn’t realise that CNY is coming again. Wasn’t it just over like a little while ago? Hrmm….and so is Valentines Day. Right. The day that threatens to dry up every guy’s wallet, causing him to curse at whoever who invented such a day and commercialized the concept.