Thanks to the Airasia‘s latest 1,000,000 FREE seats sale of the year (i think), both me and Terence managed to get free air tickets to Langkawi (a beautiful island in the Northern region of Malaysia) in April! Well, not exactly *free* per se, we still have to pay airport taxes, which is like RM40 one way….but still, it’s not too bad. Taking the bus for a freaking 5 hours is already RM30 or something like that. Just add up an extra RM10, and you get to fly there for less than an hour from KL!

Woo hooo….i haven’t been there since i was like what….19? And it was always with the parents…and you know when you’re travelling with your parents, you’d have to do what they want to do (sightseeing)….and less of what you want to do (go-karting…wheee!).

Anyways…hope we really make it for this trip….and that none of us will be tied down with work and hence, forced to forgo the air tickets! And in the meantime….i think i might be frolicking the mountains with my friend, Lillie this weekend at Cameron highlands. Aahhh….hello fresh air, fresh veggies and fresh strawberries!!! Uh-huh…forgive my weirdness, I’ve never frolicked Camerons before….

Till then….enjoy the rest of the week, and hope everyone had a great weekend!! Yeah….great weekend, and back to work with Monday blues…