For all who don’t know yet….or who, like me, only heard at the last minute…


Rain’s having a concert in Malaysia on Jan 27th!!! Ahh, i knew he was having a world tour….coz it started last Oct in Seoul. Never occured to me that he’ll come to Malaysia as well. Wished I could say that I’m going….but tickets too freaking expensive – cheapest is RM72 and all the way to the VIP ones for RM752 or smth like that.

How I got to know about it? Haha I was actually writing some stuff on his new album, ‘Rain’s World’ for one of my client, which will be put up on their mobile downloads website. Still, I was so blur…i didn’t even know it was him. There I was thinking to myself….who is this dude with wings? David Tao ar? Then here comes my colleague who goes “I need you to write some header copy for Rain’s mobile downloads page”. *Ding* Rain? With wings? And short hair? Soo NOT him! I prefer him in long hair anyday….hahha.

Ahh…it’s a pity the client’s not the main sponsor for the concert….else, I would have a chance to get free tickets! Like how my colleagues got free tix for  the Samsons (an indo boy band) concert last sat, coz the client was the main sponsor.

Hrmm….never mind. I’d prefer to see him acting than singing/dancing anyways (yeah, i’m trying to console myself here!).


A brand new start to a brand new year is perfect when you get a……….PAY RAISE!! Woo hooo…..yeah baby!!!