I made it to the bestie’s wedding!! But only for the Church wedding tho…..couldn’t make it for the dinner coz i was flying back to KL that night, and back to work the next day!! Anyway, it was a nice and simple wedding…..and I was so excited coz it was the first time for me to see any of my friends getting married. Couldn’t make it for another friend’s wedding 2 yrs back, as I was still in Brissie. Ahh…..don’t ya just love weddings?!

The lovely bride sashaying in her wedding gown. Got umbrella service summore!! hahah apparently it’s some chinese tradition or smth like that……but very many ppl follow it today.

Me and the lovely bride……that wedding gown looks heavy tho. But still gorgeous!!! Excuse my flabs, but I’m allowed some of em.

The bridesmaids…..the one on the left is her bro’s gf while the other one’s her lil sis.

The bride walking down the aisle with her dad…..awwwww.

And she’s now given away to her hubby!! heheh

Yayy….finally married!! Congrats Jane & Matthew!!

Taken with another friend, Christine who has 2 adorable baby girls!! Oh, not so sure who the other girl was tho….hehhehe.

So, that was it! Another wedding coming up in Jan 2008, one which yours truly have to perform her bridesmaid duties….hahhahah. It should be fun! Oh, and now when ppl ask when am i getting hitched and I tell them the time frame of a few years from now…..and they ask why is it taking us so long…..my answer is, coz once we’re married, I’m bound to be popping babies shortly, and that takes my youth away!! Well, not that I’ve got that many years left to be considered ‘young’….but still, I’m having the time of my life as of now and am not ready to give it all up just yet.

Ahhhh….it just occured to me that I’ll be 26 this year….26 man!!!!! Ok…..i should relax and not worry about it yet…..*breathe in* *breathe out* God, I’m getting old!!! I hope I don’t turn into ‘aunty mode’ anytime soon.