Since it’s gonna be the last day os 2006, I’d better write a final post for the year! Hrmm…..I guess it has been a great year in some way, yet not so great when I think about all the rough runnings and hiccups along the way. But, i guess that’s just how life is….and I’m thankful for having survived 2006!

So, what’s on for 2007? Hehe seriously don’t know…..but probably wise to make some sorta resolutions. Ermm, just so that I keep myself on track:

Stop Cut down on the shopping and spending, and start saving some money for the future plans. My God, how many times have i mentioned this line already….both in this blog and my Xanga blog!! OK OK….I’ll try to make that happen and stop whining!

– Keep my work and career on track, and hopefully by the end of 2007, I’d have this fuzzy feeling in me because I know I’ve achieved something and am good in what I do. Righttt…..

– Keep up with this keeping in touch with friends thingy. It’s great to have them as part of my life….and with each of them tying the knot one by one over the next year or so, all the more reason to stay in touch while we still can.

– To travel to a couple of places, IF my leave and work permits me to do so. Hrmm…..maybe Thailand for starters. Or, states in Malaysia that i have not been to yet. China would be great….but I’d like to leave that for 2008.

– To get a manicure and pedicure for the coming Chinese new Year. Ok, this sounds way too bimbotic and defeats the purpose of keeping to my first resolution……but hey, I’ve gotta enjoy these little things in life once in a while.

– To be consistent in my gym routine and be on track with my weight loss thingy. Total weight lost since October = 3 kgs! 🙂 slow and steady….not too fast, and definately not going onto the anorexic track!

– Start thinking more of the future and what sorta life I would like to live. Decide between Malaysia/Singapore/Australia….

Right, that should suffice for now. ANything else, I would add to the list as and when it happens. So, till then HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 everyone!!! Have fun, drink much, be safe and welcome the new year with open arms!!!