I’m back in good ol’ Kuching, and Christmas Day came and went just like that! Haha well what can I say? Christmas Eve dinner was fab….and we celebrated my cousin’s 11th birthday as well! Yeah, he’s a Christmas Eve baby…..and I ate and drank the nite away with my uncle and cousin. Oh God, this is completely ruining my diet…..darn, shoulda requested for lite beer….hehehhe.

Anyway, to show how much fun I had….here are some of the pics!

Carollers were at our house singing Christmas Carols…..i used to be doing all this singing thingy years ago, but right now I’m just too plain lazy!! Bwahahahahha

Christmas hamper from baby’s mom! Hehe i was carrying this basket as one of my hand carry luggage on the plane!! Ain’t it pretty?! And the teddy bear is coming back with me, coz i’m gonna place it on top of my monitor in the office.

Hehe I made fruit cake again……and also carrot cake, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

That’s my aunty and uncle preparing the turkey for dinner!

Hehe skin and bones left!!


Spread of the night……

My cousin, Jeremy, happy with his turkey wings!! They’re so huge, My God!


Chocolate blackberry birthday cake

Christmas decorations in church

Wahahah so happy that I can finally fit into this blue dress ok? Bought it for like S$20 bucks, damn cheap and was so dissapointed after I put on weight shortly after starting my first job this year. But now….muahhahahah!

Right….I’ve started camwhoring again!!

And again, after getting my hair coloured and trimmed!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and a even lovelier time shopping during the Boxing Day sale in Aussie!!! All the best for us for the New Year!! I’m starting the new year by attending the bestie’s wedding!! Woott