I’m always amazed at how dumb some telemarketers here can be. It’s not enough that they’re making you totally blur by calling you out of the blue and making some cheesy offer to you about some crap holiday or something like that, some of them can’t even speak decent english! Take for example a call that I received yesterday afternoon (while i was busy doing work in the office!):

Me: Hello?
T: Selamat petang, Miss Justina……(it means, good afternoon, Miss Justina)
*Before he could finish his sentence, i cut him off (nevermind if that was rude, he was intruding my work time!)
Me: Yes, who is this speaking?
T: Ohh…..I’m *insert name here* (tell you the truth, i can’t even remember what his name was!) calling from Sunway Group….
Me: Okk what are you calling me about?
T: I….arrr….ermmm……ummmm…..*puts down phone*
Me: 0_O *shakes head*  *thinks to self: my my, this telemarketer was damn easy!*

Mwahahahha obviously the stupid fellow can’t even speak simple english long enough to hold a decent conversation and sell his stuffs. *shakes head again* I wonder, isn’t english suppossed to be a basic requirement for these sorta jobs? What happens if he meets with an expatriate who speaks nor understand a single word of malay. But then again, I really find these ppl annoying to the max. They never fail to find the worst time to call you!!

Ok….i should stop discriminating telemarketers. It’s their job anyway…..but please, at least speak some decent english, okay?! How are they gonna survive overseas without this simple, basic skill?!


Right. This is a vent-out post. Thank you all very much, and have a pleasant day!