I’ve just got the pics from the Fab, Chic & Boho party from my colleagues. Hrmm….let’s just say that i was a wild night, and I think most likely I’ll be dividing this entry into 2 parts. So, enjoy!!


This is me looking tired….with one of the seniors. I wore a boho skirt (sorta boho)….and i was too lazy to really dress up!

How often do you get to see the AV guy coming in an afro wig?! LOL

The booze for the night……and some guy feeling thirsty! I’m sure there was more booze than what’s in the pic…

Client servicing and media ppl….and some ex-staff as well, which I won’t know obviously, since I’ve just joined about 2-3 months ago.

Emcee for the night…..love his pink feathery thingy!! Very chic?

Party’s on!!

Read the rest of it in the next entry, which will be password protected due to some….urmmm, *censored* pics!