Just when I thought that I don’t need to endure another night of partying, my company decides to have a year end party next Thursday! And, something tells me it’s gonna be till late……right. So, let’s see how late I can last this time ok? Anyway, since my company is called FCB, the theme for the party dress code will be, well FCB.

F = Fabulous
C = Chic
B = Boho (Bohemian)

Now….so, how exactly should I be dressed like? The first thing that comes to my mind is a tube dress with a belt at the waist, maybe and some sexy cowboy boots. But, there’s no way in a million years i’m gonna wear that here ok? Not in this kinda weather…..not only will I be hot like a roasted chicken, people will be staring at me as if i’m some kinda idiot! So, any other suggestions???

Oh, and another thing…..we’re having this secret Santa & Santarina thingy going on as well, where we draw a name from a basket and we’re suppossed to buy a present for that said person for Christmas. Hrmm….any ideas what to buy for a nice 50 yr old lady? She’s been so nice to me since I joined, I feel like getting her something nice and meaningful….definately something not too cheesy!

On another different note, I feel that I need an overseas holiday badly…..well, more like an Australian holiday actually! But not at the moment when it’s hot and whatever during summer. Aahh….winter would be perfect coz i love the cold!! Sighzz….or China is another good place to go, altho language would be a problem. yeah yeah….i’m almost a banana (chinese who doesn’t speak chinese well. why banana? coz chinese/asians are considered yellow skin, but since we practically speak english like the whites….hence banana = white in the inside, yellow on the outside), so laugh all you want! But this is what and who I am, and i’m still proud of myself and my existence…bwahahhaha.

Ok, I’m ranting again……full.stop. The. End.