And so, I was working till about 7 + almost 8 on Friday night (the night of the Kancil Awards dinner). DOH, thought we could go there early or smth…..but then, good thing we didn’t coz when we got there close to 9, they just started serving the first dish!! Hrmm….why did things go wrong? It was raining cats and dogs, and yeah roads get wet when it rains and traffic jams go from bad to worst! And my colleague’s car was in an accident because of that….he had to do an emergency brake and someone knocked him from behind and some other car knocked that car from behind as well! PHEW….and the car who started this whole chain reaction, stupidly drove away from it all coz he knows he’ll have it big time and has to pay got everyone’s damages!! Anyway, i hate talking about accidents but everyone was fine, just that the car bumper’s dented.

By the time I got to the dinner, I was tired and quite shaken that I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Oh, and not being able to shower before going did not make things easier. EEekkss! But the whole things was impressive tho, and my company won a silver award….whoopiee! Oh, and that night confirmed one thing – i think I really am getting too old for late night outs. By 11, I was yawning away and couldn’t stand it anymore so I called my baby to pick me up so that I could go home, shower and sleep!! OMG….i’m only 25!! Where has my youth and energy gone to?!

Sorry, no pics….maybe next year, I’ll try to remember to bring my camera and at least shower at the gym before going no matter how late it is!

On another note, been helping my friend with a bit of wedding preparations like finding photographers and decorators and stuffs. Yeah, very early considering it’ll be in Jan 2008…but better be early than late!!

And yayy… is on from Friday onwards!!! Have a great week!!