Tonight, I will be attending the Kancil Awards Dinner with my colleagues, as my boss said that it’d be good for me to go take a look at it all. Hrmm….how shall I describe it. Well, it’s sorta like a similar mechanics to the Grammy and Emmy awards that the actors and actresses goes to…..only that instead of winning the best actor/actress award, it’ll be the best ad awards in various medium (i.e. print, tv, radio, outdoor, cinema….and the rest of it all). So, I’ll be there clapping for the others and meeting people from the industry, i suppose. Oh, and *enjoy the food* as quoted by one of my workmates! hahahah

Other than that, nothing much happening lately. Might be going for dinner with the girls on Sunday night, as Emily feels like eating at Chili’s! Ohhh…yummm, I love Chili’s too!

Rightt….Internet at home still down, so I’ll wait for it yo be up again to update more!
Have a great weekend, guys!! And for those going away for a holiday, enjoy the holss!!!