SO, Jusco at Midvalley had a special Members-only sale yesterday which started from freaking 7am till 12 midnight!! I mean, who in the world wakes up so early to shop right? If you tell me that you wake up at 7am and get to the mall at abt 8 still acceptable…..but if u actually START shopping at 7am, gee one must be hell of a shopper! Either that or the sale is really very irrestable!!

Oh, and one of my workmates who usually gets in earlier than me (heheh i get in around 9+ every morning), came later than me yesterday because (get this) – she arrived at the mall at 645 am and has been shopping till about almost 10 when she came in!! Good Lord, I thought I was bad enough when i had to wake up at 6am in Brisbane last time to take a train down to Gold Coast to go shopping!! Guess someone beat me to that!! AND, apparently there were other colleagues who did the same thing….and they were shopping AGAIN during the lunch hour! WHOAA, almost as terrible as me when I see big reductions off Nike, MNG or whatever.

Well, I didn’t join in the crazy sale coz I don’t think there’s anything that tickles my fancy at Jusco. But, I did apply for the card coz it gives discounts at selected eating outlets like Nandos’, which I go to once in a while. Maybe when i morph into ‘aunty mode’, then i can join them and shop like crazy, but God forbid, I hope that doesn’t happen ever!!!

Oh, and conveniently my working bag zipper decides to go bonkers on me….so i *had* to get a new one coz i’m not very comfortable with the thought of carrying around a zipless bag – anyone with itchy long hands can just dip inside with ease without me even realising it!! So, I got me a prettier bag (not from Jusco….hhaha one of the kiosks in the mall) and it’s so much easier to carry around! Wheee!

And so, the weekend is here……have lotsa fun, ppl!!