I seem to be updating less frequently than ever now….maybe it’s coz i’m spending less time in front of the comp *gasp*!

Anyway….the weekend was spent catching up with my friend, Lillie. We decided to go on a girls-only night out, where we have dinner first then either checking out the clubbing scene around KL or just go for a relaxing stroll and a coffee. Heheh since we were both not really in the mood for clubbing, so dinner and coffee was it. Hrmm, we must be getting old….because if anyone had given me these options like 2 years ago, I would have said CLUBBING straight on!

Took some pics of the night, but they’re in my comp at home and the phone line’s dead coz of the thunder last week. Will get those posted up once everything is OK.

So, till then…have a great week ahead!!

P.s I’m craving for Korean food….should I tag along with my friend and her workmates this Friday after work? Hrmmmmm