Ok, maybe not so little……but i totally love my new gym shoes!!!! Actually was contemplating whether or not to get it when I was still in Brissie…..coz you could get it at quite good prices from eBay. But, that time I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to the gym that often. And then,

My old gym shoes decided to open it’s ‘mouth’…LOL. Well, it was slowly coming apart with time….but this was the last straw. A bit dangerous, especially if it gets stucked in between the machines or smth when I’m working out. But, I kinda like this pair of shoes…..had it for about 4 years, me thinks and it’s brought me places, not only the gym! But…..

I love my new Nike Shox!! And can you believe, that I had to get the men’s size coz the women sizes r too small and they don’t have it in bigger sizes?! Either I have huge feet….or Asians have tiny feet! Yupss….i think Asians have huge feet, coz my cousin in Sydney, who’s 12 this year…..her feet are as big as mine….imagine how big they’d get when as she grows!! Heheh

Now I’m all ready for my gym workout tomorrow!!! I’ve just started going to the Schwinn’s Cycling Class (it’s similar to RPM), and I’m enjoying it altho I always have difficulties in setting up my own bike. But, it really makes you sweat and you’ll feel it in your calves the next day!! Haha

On another note, my friend J will be getting married in Jan next yr in Kuching! Darn, I wished she could have told me earlier coz I’ve booked to go back to KL one Jan 1st, and the wedding is on the 2nd. So, now I’m contemplating as to whether or not I should re-book and pay the surcharges for the changes. If I do go, this will be the first time that I’m seeing one of my friends get married…..ahhhh so exciting!!

Ok, I’m starting to sound weird….

Have a good weekend, and what’s left of it!